The Grand Victorian Tour – Before Demolition


This is the grand tour of the house, from foyer to basement, if you click a pic it will give you the full sized image. There are also panoramic shots at the end to give you a sense of being in the house. Enjoy!

This is the foyer, it’s what made us fall in love with the house. A foyer this large is a Victorian exclusive feature and it’s not found very often. We’re still not sure what we plan to do with it but we’ll figure something out. This Victorian was the first house we went to see and the one we ended up buying.

Foyer Foyer Fireplace Foyer Ceiling Main Staircase Foyer Entry Door Stained Glass Stair Details Stair WiringGaslights Hanging light Main Stairs Looking Down on Foyer Looking Down on Foyer Stained Glass Arch at top

This is the dining room. When we saw the pictures online we thought it was a grand room with a huge table. When we arrived it was actually a child sized table and chairs to give the illusion of a big room. We loved the trippy wallpaper. There was a carpet in the center of the room that must have gotten wet (more likely cat pee) that ended up ruining the floor underneath.

Dining Room Dining Room Wallpaper Dining Room Ruined Floor

This was another fun feature, a butler’s pantry between the kitchen and the dining room. Very neat but essentially non-functional due to there being multiple doors between them.

Butler's Pantry Hall Butler's Pantry Butler's Pantry

This was the actual pantry, a wood paneled room full of shelves. It had a sealed up window for unknown reasons.

Pantry Pantry Window

This is the kitchen itself. It contained no actual counters. Quite useless. We assume the house was added onto later and this was an afterthought.

Kitchen Kitchen Sink Kithcen Misc

This is the back staircase, in case walking to the front of the house was too much of a chore. Another fun feature of Victorian homes is that the staff weren’t allowed to take the main staircase. These days, neither am I.

Back Staircase Back stairs Top of back stairs

This was the closed in porch that went off the kitchen to the back yard. It was slanted at a 15 degree angle and quite creaky.

Kitchen Porch Kitchen Porch Back Door Kitchen porch trap door Kitchen Porch

This is the formal living room (since there were two, we arbitrarily called this one formal). It has a nice bay window in it and a fireplace.

Formal Living Room Bay Window Formal Living Room Shelf Formal Living Room Fireplace

This is the archway into the living room. It contains some amazing floor to (almost) ceiling windows in the front, another fun Victorian feature. This along with the stained glass in the foyer give the house some unique flair. It also contained yet another fireplace.

Living Room IMG_1994 IMG_1995 IMG_1996 IMG_1997 IMG_1998 IMG_1999

This is a bedroom upstairs we have dubbed “Creepy Doll Room” for obvious reasons. It had a nice miniature closet they could drag you into at night.

IMG_2001 Creepy Doll Room Creepy Dolls Creepy Doll Closet Creepy Doll Closet Creepy Doll Room Creepy Doll Room Hallway Baseboard Crap ceiling

This transitions to the largest bedroom by way of a hallway with a closet and built in dresser in it.

Old Windows Bedroom 1 Bedroom 1 Bedroom 1 Bedroom 1 Bedroom 1

Back into the hallway through the actual door to check out the second largest bedroom, complete with actual closet.

Hallway Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 Looking Over Porch Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 2 Closet

This goes from the second bedroom, into the hall, then into the third bedroom. The wall was cracked in here and there was an arch in the middle of the room for… some reason.

Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom 3 Bedroom 3 Bedroom 3 Bedroom 3

Back into the hall and down it to the rear of the house. We take a quick peek at a tiny closet, the view down the back stairs and then head into the tiny bathroom.

Hallway Chest Hallway Vent Back Staircase Closet Bathroom Bathroom Bathroom Bathroom Bathroom

This is the fifth bedroom, the smallest. It has the steps to the attic in here along with a water rotted back porch overlooking… well, nothing considering the trees are entirely too close.

Bedroom 4 Bedroom 4 Back Porch Bedroom 4 Bedroom 4 Back Porch Back Porch Back Porch Back Porch Back Porch Back porch view Roof rot

And now off to the attic, one of my favorite areas of the house. Unexpectedly huge and awesome.

Attic Stairs Attic Stairs Attic Attic Attic Attic Attic Attic Attic Attic Attic Attic

A quick sojourn out to the front porch…

Front Porch Front Porch

And finally the basement. I really should stop ending the tour here. We put in the Better Header in order to close on the house, the old header was eathen through by termites.

Basement Steps Basement Basement Basement Basement Basement Basement Basement Basement Basement


Foyer Panorama
Dining Room Panorama
Kitchen panorama
Formal LIving Room Panorama
Living Room Panorama
Creepy Doll Panorama
Creepy Doll Panorama
Bedroom 2 Panorama
Bedroom 3 Panorama
Back Porch Panorama
Bedroom 1
Bedroom 4

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