Completing the Half Bathroom and Wainscoting

From where we left off from the Tile Installation we’ve now got a perfectly good half bathroom ready to be finished.

Step one was to install the base molding.

Followed by the test piece of wainscoting. It’s glued to the wall so we put it up and let it sit to see what the deal was once it was cured.

Once satisfied, we put the rest of it up. We were able to ignore the corner alignment because we’d put up specific corner pieces of molding since the room wasn’t exactly square. Nothing in the house is, after all. We used excess bags of mortar mix to keep the pieces in place until they dried.

Of course now to finish the work we’d need to have door molding to butt up against. Since there was no door, there was no molding, so that was the next step.

With the door and its molding in place we were then able to finish the wainscoting. It really came together once the chair rail went up and we were quite pleased with it.

Now that the room was beautified it was time to put the finishing touches on it: a toilet and a sink.

This picture right here marked the end of an era. We once again had indoor plumbing and were living the high life. You don’t really appreciate what it means to go to the bathroom inside until they start throwing around the term “polar vortex” – believe me.

For reference, this room started off as a pantry and we honestly couldn’t be happier with how it came out.

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