Tile Floors for Kitchen, Half Bath, Bathroom, Laundry Room

For the flooring in any area with the potential for water we opted for wood look tile instead of actual hardwood. I wanted a ceramic since I liked the texture better. We ended up going to The Tile Shop, an aptly names place and found some wide planks and some dark grout to match. Installation was pretty smooth and came out nice. People are usually surprised when I tell them it’s not actually wood, so mission accomplished.

They delivered only to the curb, lugging this stuff inside was both heavy and annoying.
Ceramic Tile Ceramic Tile Ceramic Tile

The tiles themselves are thin but heavy, as you’d expect ceramic to be. Only one box contained a broken tile and it was easily rectified.
Ceramic Tile Ceramic Tile
To start off we laid down cement board everywhere which took some time. Helped to even out the floors a little bit though, and of course provide protection in case anything went wrong. The laying of the tile was fairly painless, we did our best to even out the floor itself through liberal application of mortar.

Ceramic TileCeramic Tile


Ceramic TileCeramic Tile Ceramic Tile

Half bath

Ceramic Tile Ceramic Tile

Laundry room

Ceramic Tile

And finally the bathroom

Ceramic Tile

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