Effective Victorian Fireplace Removal

So remember this fireplace?


After getting the chimneys fully inspected it turned out this this was never going to be a usable fireplace. This made us sad. Since it was taking up a whole corner of the room we decided to do away with it. We’ll just have to deal with a Victorian house that has TWO working fireplaces instead of three. So, being the experienced demolishers that we are we set forth to get that fireplace out. We started off with a few handy tools:


And got crackin’

IMG_2500 IMG_2501 IMG_2502 IMG_2503

You can see here that there was no way to get a liner down there. That little hole was all that connected that fireplace to the main chimney itself and not only was the angle to steep the hole itself was too small.

IMG_2505 IMG_2506

So down it came. Even my mother got in on the act.

IMG_2507 IMG_2508 IMG_2510 IMG_2514 IMG_2515 IMG_2527 IMG_2528 IMG_2529

And we’re at floor level! Unfortunately that isn’t it. If we’re going to turn this into a regular corner we’re going to need to put in joists later. WE HAVE TO GO DEEPER!

IMG_2530 IMG_2531 IMG_2532 IMG_2533 IMG_2535 IMG_2536 IMG_2537 IMG_2538 IMG_2539 IMG_2540

I must admit, this was a perfectly constructed arc. No one piece was in charge and I had to chisel out the entire thing one brick at a time. I was amused and displeased all at once.

IMG_2541 IMG_2542 IMG_2543 IMG_2544 IMG_2546 IMG_2549 IMG_2550 IMG_2551

The aftermath. I ended up selling them all for $.25 apiece. One guy came in a really old Bronco, loaded it up until it was riding 2″ off the ground and drove away. Fine by me!

IMG_2552 IMG_2553 IMG_2554

And here’s our fresh, open corner.


Watch your step.

IMG_2559 IMG_2560

Oh and I sold the mantle itself to someone down the street. He installed it that day so it lives on. I was quite surprised when it came out in one piece.


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