Foyer Insulation

As mentioned in previous posts we decided to go with spray foam insulation in the house since there were so many small holes and pockets where traditional insulation either wouldn’t reach or would be maddening to fill in. In the course of doing the second floor we saw that there was a chance that overspray could happen, getting on the floor and framing. Pretty noticeable here:


Since the foyer is the room we’re keeping the most original we had to get a lot of plastic up in order to catch any overspray. The spray itself needs to get up the entirety of the wall and behind what’s there so it took a lot of time to hang all of the plastic up and wrap all of the wood to ensure NOTHING can mess up the only pristine finished wood in the house.


For a change of pace, everything went off without a hitch. This and the rest of the first floor, as well as the basement ceiling, we’re foamed. This created a complete envelope, from the attic to the basement, sealing up air leaks.


This is what the underside of the main staircase looks like now.


And of course the excess on the basement floor.


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