Framing Out Some Stuff

Since most of the framing work is done we’ve been looking for spots that need some TLC. Well, every time we do that it ends up needing to be totally redone. Go figure. In this case it’s the strange space behind the chimney and the side of the basement stairs.

In this case we needed to remove the old wood entirely and start over. Went pretty quick and now it’s a lot firmer near the steps.

IMG_5180 IMG_5201 IMG_5202

We actually had no idea what was down the hole so my father decided to investigate (the flashlight didn’t show much). Turns out it was full of dust, all the way down, not very exciting. We closed it up and will consider it forgotten. Would be a neat place for a safe or something. Maybe someday.

IMG_5183 IMG_5184 IMG_5185 IMG_5208

To accommodate for teller people we brought up the height of the ceiling before the step down into the read of the house. It was close for me at 6′ so I’d hate for people to have to duck. Now the only people that will have to duck are those that have to normally anyway. I enjoy doing little touches like this.

IMG_5198 IMG_5199 IMG_5200

And of course we’ll put the old wood to good use once winter comes.


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