How to Mount to Brick and Fuse Box Replacement

I was asked recently how to mount things to brick without messing up the brick in the process. We also needed to buy a larger fuse box to accommodate the HVAC system so I thought this was a good opportunity to go over the process. Sorry everything is a little fuzzy focus but we had to disconnect the power to hook up the box, for obvious reasons.

You’re going to need a few things to do this. Some masonry anchors, like this: 0

And a masonry drill bit like this:

Fist off, you’re going to need to drill a hole. Drill as straight as possible and go the depth of the anchor, that way it’s a snug fit (get a bit that’s the size needed for the anchor!). Once you do that, you can hammer in the anchor. If you’re doing multiple holes it’s very important to make sure you’re in a straight line!

1 2 3

After this you can them line up whatever you’re mounting (in our case, a piece of wood) and pre-drill a hole for the screw. The last thing you want to do is go blazing through the wood into the anchor, you want to put this in gently to allow the anchor a chance to grip the screw. Once you have a few anchors set up and you’re ready, put in some screws and it’s up!

4 5 6

Then you’re up!


Make sure you’re level once it’s up and you’re ready to do the rest of the project. We mounted another board, the backer board, then put up the box. Looks fancy.

8 9 10 11 12

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